Thrive® Complete Gum

Stop letting nicotine control your life. Thrive® Complete Gum reduces nicotine withdrawal symptoms and helps you take control of your cravings.


Thrive® Complete

Thrive® Complete gum is an effective solution to help you gradually reduce smoking, quit immediately or temporarily refrain from smoking by fighting strong cravings and managing the effects of quitting.

A box of Thrive® Complete™ 2mg Fresh Spearmint Nicotine Gum

How to Use

Regular Strength

2 mg Gum

If you smoke less than a pack a day, then you should use the 2 mg gum.

Extra Strength

4 mg Gum

If you smoke a pack a day or more, then you should start by using the 4 mg gum.

Do it right!
until the nicotine flavour
is strong.
the gum in your cheek
until the taste fades.
Repeat the process for
30 minutes.
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Products Available

A box of Thrive® Complete™ Fresh Spearmint Nicotine Gum

Fresh Spearmint in
2 mg Regular Strength and
4 mg Extra Strength.


Please refer to the product insert below for additional instructions.

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Thrive® gum is a stop smoking aid. Always read and follow the label to ensure this product is right for you.