When your body goes into cigarette withdrawal, your attitude can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Setting reasonable expectations and being good to yourself can help you avoid added anxiety or emotional discomfort that could tempt you to smoke.


Reward yourself
Every day you reduce a smoke is an accomplishment, so reward yourself accordingly. Remember the money you used to spend on packs of cigarettes? Spend it on something that’s good for you or fun like a good meal, or a new pair of shoes.


Keeping healthy snacks close at hand is an easy way to improve your chances of success. Remember, it’s normal for smokers to have nervous energy when they cut back, so treating it with dried fruit, nuts, or sugar-free gum instead of cigarettes isn’t only better for your body, it’s better for your self-esteem.


Take it easy
Nobody’s perfect. If you do slip and wind up smoking again, know that the majority of smokers who have quit had to make many attempts before they succeeded. You’re breaking an extremely addictive habit —so don’t judge yourself for being human.

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